Dynamic export excel in odoo
July 11, 20170

Dynamic Export Excel list and form view in odoo

Dynamic / Global Export Excel Report For all Application Like : Sale, Purchase, Invoice, Picking, Hr, Project, MRP and New Custom Application

Grow your business and daily activity to the next level by using Dynamic / Global Export Excel Report for your Sale, Purchase, Invoice, Picking Hr, Project, MRP and New Custom Application.

* Language Supported by App * 

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. Dutch
  4. Chinese
  5. France

App is support all described languages English, Dutch, Spanish, Chinese, France.To support more language make easy to user interface and use.All the label of apps will be translated into the same like name, excel style, group by, sub group by and many more..

 * Dynamic fields to generate excel report for any application  Features* 


 = > Custom Table Column Label:

Now it is possible to display dynamic fields based on your selected model. you can also give your custom label on every fields columns.

Export excel view in odoo

=> Auto Column Sequence:

Once you added all columns fields into the excel sheet , you can reset by auto sequence tool which will help to move your columns fields up and down based on your needs.

=> Main & Sub model vise Excel Template
You can generate a model excel sheet and as well you can generate same model’s sub model excel sheet as well. like sale order as main model and sale order line as sub model so both report in excel report.

Export excel view in odoo - devi

 => Group By- Sub Group By With Selected Field
If you want data with group by with specific fields, now it’s possible in excel reports. you can group by with selected fields as well you can sub group by as well.
 => Total for integer & float values 
This apps will add total of all integer or float value automatically which will reduce the work and give the more accurate data based on values.
Export in excel In odoo
 => Record per sheet
When you want to print 100+ records data and each data you want to separated by sheet then it’s also possible as well.By mark flag of Record per sheet will be display each and every record print separated by sheet.
Record sheet

 => Template based Excel Report

When you export excel for only one model then you can use Template-1
if you are using model with sub model then you can use Template-2 which is more unique and perfect1

Dynamic Export Excel for any application

MENU: Settings Settings Dynamic Export Excel Export Excel Model



Export in odoo

Export in excel in odoo
 Sample Excel Report Generated by using App:

Sale Order Export Excel – List View in odoo

Sale export in odoo
 Sale Group by Partner – Group View in odoo
Sale group by partner in odoo
Purchase export excel in odoo 
purchase rder list export excel in odo

Product Stock Detailed View – by Product Category in odoo

Product Stock Details report in odoo

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