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Product Stocks By locations & Report

Posted by:DevIntelle Team

Here is our New Odoo Application. Product Stocks By locations & Report This Odoo application will help to show you stock By Location lines in Product Template and Product Screen. You can also Add Location. Print Product Stock By Location PDF will show available qty, Forecast qty, Incoming qty, outgoing qty for each location…

Product Stock Card Report

Posted by:DevIntelle Team

Being a Small / Large Business Owner you’ll always need Product Stock Card Report. It helps you to plan for further Inventory and it also helps for Business Growth. So, now you don’t have to worry about for the Product Inventory Report because, Here is our new odoo application for the same. Product Stock Card…

Product Move to Scrap

Posted by:DevIntelle Team

Are you a Business Owner, and Facing the Issue for Product Move to Scrap? Now, You don’t have to worry about the same because we’re coming with the solution. Here is our New Odoo App. Product Move to Scrap This Odoo App will Be Helping you to move product scrap. App Features :   Helping you…

Partner Name Alphabetic based Sequence

Posted by:DevIntelle Team

So, Are you a business owner and would like to add your Vendor Partner name Alphabetic based Sequence. Here we have a Solution for the same to achieve your Requirements. Partner Name Alphabetic based Sequence This Odoo application allows adding alphabetic sequence base on Partner name First latter. App Features :   Add alphabetic sequence base…

Product Sales by Year

Posted by:DevIntelle Team

In Every Business, it’s good to have your every Product performance. That means you should have your Product Sales by year. With the Product Sales by year, you can check Every Product Performance. So, for this solution, we’re here launching our new Odoo Application. This Odoo application provides details of Product selling based on a specific…

Partner Ledger On Screen

Posted by:DevIntelle Team

Do you want to Partner Ledger on Screen? Don’t worry here we have a solution fo you. Introducing our new Odoo Application : Partner Ledger On Screen Odoo application will help to show partner Ledger accounting entries on the customer screen. App Features :  Show Customer balance on Screen Show Customer Accounting entries with debit/credit…

Stock Valuation by Category

Posted by:DevIntelle Team

It’s Really difficult to manage Stock Valuation by Category in business. In Business, it’s making the process smooth when you manage Stock Valuation by Category. But now you don’t have to worry about that because We’re coming with new Odoo Application with Solution. Here is our New Odoo App : Stock Valuation by Category Odoo…

TDS on Vendor Bill (TDS)

Posted by:DevIntelle Team

Running Business and worried about TDS on Vendor Bill Manage? So, Now you don’t have to worried about that. Because here we have prepared Odoo Application for you for the same. here is our Odoo App : TDS on Vendor Bill (TDS) This Odoo application will help to apply Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) feature…

Cancel Sale/Purchase Order Lines

Posted by:DevIntelle Team

In Business, there are few cases into that we need to cancel the few sale and Purchase Order. It’s part of Process. Sometimes instead of canceling the whole sale order or purchase order, it may require to cancel individual line So for the solution, This odoo apps will help you to cancel sale/purchase order line…

Shipment Serial/Lot Number Selection

Posted by:DevIntelle Team

So, Are you looking for the Shipment Serial Number Selection? We do have an option here for the same. here is our just launched Odoo Application. Shipment Serial/Lot Number Selection  This Odoo app will allow to Select exiting Or Create Serial Number while you receiving Shipment from the purchase order. You can easily select Existing…


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