October 21, 20190

Product Sales by Year

In Every Business, it’s good to have your every Product performance. That means you should have your Product Sales by year.

With the Product Sales by year, you can check Every Product Performance.

So, for this solution, we’re here launching our new Odoo Application.

This Odoo application provides details of Product selling based on a specific user-defined year. It will show a total amount of product sales for specific year, User just has to select a year from the list. A list will show the last five years from the current year. For example, if the current year is 2019 then it will show last five years from 2019 which will be 2014 to 2019

App Features :  

  • Select Last Year in the Product screen
  • Shows total Sales amount of product based on selected year

You can easily download our odoo app with below Link. 

→ Download  

How does it work?

Select Year in the Product screen

Total Selling of Product

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