Import product Image From URL through CSV in odoo

In Odoo, it’s very hard to update product image  one by one so solution we have developed new module in odoo which will import mass product image in odoo.

To import product images in odoo by CSV , Require two column into csv.

  1. Product Code
  2. Product Image Url

Once csv is done then after you can install module import product images in odoo with help  of our module.


  • Import product image from URL through CSV


  Give proper security rights who having access to import product images in odoo

Import Mass Images Menu

After giving the Import Mass Images Technical Rights then below menu is enable for the users.

Mass image menu

Import CSV file Format – odoo

Code column contain the Default code of the product Product image url contain the url of the images.

CSV File image

Import Mass images Window

By clicking the Import Mass Images menu new window is open. In this Window first import the CSV file and then after click Import Images button to import the images.



Import images Log Window

After clicking the Import Images then after new window open that show how many product image is imported or not.



Imported images

You can see the imported Images in Grapes and Banana




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