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How to create Bulk Duplicate Purchase Order in Odoo

Posted by:Devintelle (odoo expert)

Helps you to create Bulk Duplicate Purchase Order(s) in odoo App Features Creates one or more Duplicate Purchase Order(s) in odoo. Purchase Orders in odoo : Duplicate It : Duplicate Purchase Orders Created : Download Link :  Bulk Duplicate Purchase Order For Odoo customization, odoo implementation  , odoo development  other odoo services contact us on Mail…

Add Products to Purchase by Barcode in odoo

Posted by:Devintelle (odoo expert)

Add Products to Purchase by Barcode in odoo Features Search product for entered barcode then Add product on sale order line using barcode Reader by barcode or Internal Reference. When Same product is entered by barcode then it will increase the quantity of exiting line. if barcode is not valid ean13/Reference raise Warning product reference/Barcode…

Odoo Top Purchase Dashboard on Excel-Sheet

Posted by:Devintelle (odoo expert)

Top Purchase Dashboard on Excel-Sheet in odoo In Business, Purchase manager should know who are the top supplier and which are the top product to purchase to grow business. Devintelle come with solution custom module which will print top supplier in excel sheet in odoo and also print top purchase product in graph in odoo. Excellent…


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