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Set Customer / Supplier credit limit

Credit Limits have also known to upset Customers.
When a seller makes a sale to a buyer with a payment term, he grants a loan to its customer. This loan will be resorted only after bills are paid.

The Credit Limit is the maximum amount of loan that the seller accepts to grant to its customer.

This is one huge advantage that any entrepreneur can get from vendors that offer trade credit. If you have a business that has a business agreement with vendors to supply you with goods whose payment can be made later then this enables you to conserve cash flow.

But Sometimes, this will make your business so credit unworthy.

Unfortunately, when the business is in a recession, paying for the goods can actually be a hard nut to crack simply because the goods are not moving as expected and yet the supplier is insisting on payment.

So, the best idea to keep this Mange is to Set Credit Limit.

Here we’re coming with our Odoo App “ Supplier Credit Limit “

This odoo app will help you to check the supplier credit limit on purchase order.It will also send mail notification to purchase manager when supplier limit is exceeded.user can also setup credit limit hold on supplier screen in odoo.

Features of this Odoo App:-

Assign Credit Limit to Supplier

Notify to Purchase Manager when credit limit Exceed

Purchase Manager confirm Exceeded purchase order.

Set supplier on credit limit hold.


You can easily  download  our odoo app

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How it Works ?

Customer Credit Limit

Customer Credit Limit- Mail Notification Sales Manager


Exceeded Credit Limit


Customer on Credit Limit Hold


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