September 29, 20190

Stock Valuation by Category

It’s Really difficult to manage Stock Valuation by Category in business.

In Business, it’s making the process smooth when you manage Stock Valuation by Category.

But now you don’t have to worry about that because We’re coming with new Odoo Application with Solution.

Here is our New Odoo App :

Stock Valuation by Category

Odoo application will help you to print Stock Valuation Report by Category with a specific date in PDF or Excel format

App Features : 

  • Print Current Stock Inventory
  • Print Stock Inventory by Specific Date
  • Print Stock Inventory In PDF/Excel

You can easily download our odoo app with below Link. 

→ Download  

How does it work?

Stock Category Valuation Window.

Test Product have 20 Quantity and Demo Product have 25 quantity

Stock Category PDF Report .

Stock Category Valuation Window .

Excel Report.

Stock Category Specify Date.

PDF Report.

Excel Report.

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