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October 23, 20180

How to set monthly leave limit on employee’s leave request in odoo

A Leave Policy is a set of rules, procedures, and guidelines that govern the process, timeframes and reporting procedures for the time taken off work.
Without a leave policy, effectively and legally managing a workforce becomes a minefield fraught with high risk.
Monthly leave limit is a part of the leave policy , for organization’s good cultural maintenance it’s mandatory to set Employee monthly leave limit .
So , in this post you’ll get an fair idea about how can you set Monthly leave limit on Employee’s leave request in odoo.

Here is our odoo app : Leave Monthly Limitation

This Odoo apps Allow you to set monthly leave Limitation on employee leave request with specific leave type
Features : 

  • Set monthly leave Limitation on employee leave request on specific leave type

You can easily  download  our odoo app

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How it Works ?

Configure Leave Limit :

Employee’s Monthly Legal Leave Limit is 6

DevIntelle Consulting Service Pvt.Ltd.

Limit Validation Flow :

Employee has already taken 4 Legal Leaves in this month

DevIntelle Consulting Service Pvt.Ltd.

Now, again employee is requesting 3 leaves

DevIntelle Consulting Service Pvt.Ltd.


So, system will restrict him/her


DevIntelle Consulting Service Pvt.Ltd.


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