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Set a task Deadline Reminder with Odoo App

Never miss a deadline with task reminders.!

Overdue tasks result from mainly three factors—
Scope of work expands
• Unforeseen problem arises
• Deadline simply gets forgotten

While it’s impossible to avoid the first two, Our Odoo App will ensure that you never forget your deadlines.


This Odoo App track employee’s task onetime and notify them before the task deadline. Also available Easy configuration to setup reminder days. This odoo App will send task deadline reminder to employee mailbox based on the days configured into configuration.

Features of this Odoo App:-

Send Task Deadline Reminder to the Employee Mailbox. 
 Easily Configure how many days before you wants to send task reminder emails 
 Allows you to send First Reminder as well as Second Reminder. 

You can easily  download  our odoo app

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How it Works ?

Task Deadline Reminder : Days Configuration



Reminder Days means it will send email before ‘reminder days’ of deadline of task

Suppose, deadline is 22-6-2018 and reminder days is 2, so it will send reminder emails on 20-6-2018.


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