How to print Purchase Order Status Report in Odoo

Purchase orders (POs) play an important role in controlling business purchases.

A purchase order is the official confirmation of an order. It is a document sent from a purchaser to a vendor that authorizes a purchase.

While some information may vary, purchase orders generally include the name of the company purchasing the goods or services, date, the description and quantity of the goods or services, price, a mailing address, payment information, invoice address, and a purchase order number

Whether businesses need purchase orders depends on several factors, but in general, it’s a good business practice to keep things in order in accounts payable.

In today’s world, communication happens at the speed of light. Orders are made in passing over the phone, via email, and even through texting. Foregoing formal confirmation of an order means that you or your vendor may forget important order details.

Errors in purchase order can have a disastrous impact on customer satisfaction, and can even lead to losing a customer.

Would you like to improve your order process?

Here is the Solution , You can Print Order Status Report in our Odoo App

Let’s have a Look , how it’s working ?

Helps you to Print Purchase Order Status Report in odoo
App Features
  • Select Date Range
  • Select Type of the Status

Purchase Order Status :

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Select start and end Date :

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Select Status Type :

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Report :

DevIntelle Consulting Service Pvt.Ltd.


Link :  Purchase Order Status Report

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