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Purchase Advance Payment

A Payment made in Advance ahead of its normal schedule such as paying for Goods Or Services before actually, you serve it.

Purchase Advance Payment sometimes requires for the Protection. There are multiple Different cases when Advance Payment Required in order to extend coverage to the insured Party.

In Sale when we creating customer invoice we have the option to generate invoice down payment by percentage/fixed or deduct down payment same way Purchase vendor advance Payment Odoo application allows you to Make Advance Payment of vendor/supplier on Purchase Order by percentage/fixed.

Here are our this Odoo Application’s Features.

App Features : 

  • Configure Advance Payment Product into Purchase Settings, So that product will be used when advance payment Vendor Bill is generated
  • Vendor Bill Options :
    1. Advance payment (fixed amount): Enter the advance payment amount and advance payment Vendor Bill will be generated with that amount
    2. Advance payment (percentage) : Enter percentage here. Suppose you have entered 40% and Purchase Order is worth 525, then advance payment Vendor Bill will be generated with amount 210
    3. Billable lines (deduct advance payments): If you have generated advance payment Vendor Bills of Purchase Order and now you want to generate actual Vendor Bill of Purchase Order and want to deduct previous advance payments, then choose this option
    4. Billable lines: If you do not want to do anything relating advance payment and just want to generate straightforward Vendor Bill from Purchase Order, then choose this option


You can easily download our odoo app with below Link.

→ Download

How it Works ?

Configure Purchase Advance Payment Product

Purchase Order : Click on Create Bill

Create Advance Payment

Advance Payment Generated

Advance Payment linked with Purchase Order

Deduct advance payment from the actual Vendor Bill

Actual Vendor Bill generated and advance payment deducted from it

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