Odoo Landed cost on Average Costing

What is Landed Cost ? 

Landed cost is the total price of a Product or Shipment once it has arrived to your store.

The Landed cost includes the original Price of the Product , Transportation Fees , customs , duties , Taxes , insurance , currency Conversation , Handling and Payment Fees Etc.

Why It’s Important?

No accounting department has time to perform the manual calculations, and no business owner wants to lose on profits. If your business is involved in international trade, importing goods from other countries should enhance your profitability .

Automating landed cost calculations is essential in today’s global economy.


Here the Good news is that You can Calculate Automatic Product Cost for your Product with the use of our Odoo App.

Launching our new Odoo App for same : Odoo Landed cost on Average Costing

This odoo app will helps you to calculate Landed(Product) cost when product costing method is average.

App Features : 

  • Calculates Landed cost when product costing method is average
  • Automatic Product Aaverage Cost

You can easily  download  our odoo app with below Link.

→ Download

How it Works ?

Product Before Purchase Order

Create Purchase Order

Receive Shipment

Product Cost price after Receive Shipment

Create Landed Cost and validate

Product Cost Price After Validate Landed Cost

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