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Invoice stock availability

Stock Management is really important task for your business.

There are Multiple times , being business owner you create invoice and uncheck “Updated Stock”

Let’s Understand with Example :
you have 15 iphone in your stock , you have one customer bought 12 iphone and make him a Sales invoice yet your Qty doesn’t updated ( still show in your stock 15 iphone in the fact it should be 3 because your first customer bought 12 )then another customer come and ask for 5 iphone to buy , your stock managing employee look at Stock Qty , and saw it ( 15) but its in fact (3) since there is 12 iphone Sold but not delivered yet !
so your stock managing Employee make new sales invoice with 5 iphones … and in stock iphone Qty sitll 15 !
both of the two customer goes to Stock employee so he make to the first one Delivery note for 12 iphone … he have 3 left now
second customer come and ask for 5 iphones .
and here is the issue …we don’t have 5 iphones , we only have 3 !!!
You can resolve this types of bugs and improve your business with our this Odoo App
Here is the best way to keep a track of your Inventory, with the use of our odoo App you can check Invoice stock availability.

Features of our Odoo App:-

  • If product not in stock, user can’t validate invoice
  • Option into configuration to enable or disable this feature of stock availability
  • Note: If invoice is not created from sale order this feature will not work

You can easily  download  our odoo app

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How it Works ?

Setup & Configure

Enable/Disable this feature


Warning Message


Warehouse in Invoice


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