Employee Overtime Request in odoo

Employee Overtime Request in odoo

Mange Employee Overtime Request in odoo 

Features :

  • Employee Overtime Multiple request.
  • Employee Create Own Overtime Request.
  • Overtime Request Approve by Department Manager.
  • HR Officer confirm the request.
  • Integrated with HR Payroll or Employee Payslips.
  • Employee Overtime notification to Employee & HR Manager
  • Two Way Approval Process Overtime Request
  • Draft->Request->Approved by Department Manager->Confirm by HR Manager->Done.

Overtime Request in odoo :

Fill All the fields Value in Employee Overtime Form.

Overtime Form

Overtime Request Send to the Department Manager :

When Employee Click the Send Request button in Overtime Request form then one email send to the Department Manager and request from goes to the Requst State..

Department Manager mail

Approve Or Reject Overtime Request :

After seen the email the department manager login, view and then after he will Make approve or Reject the Overtime Request.

DM Approve

Approved Overtime Request By Department Manager :

Department manager Click to Approve Request button then Email Send to the Hr Manager for the Confirm the Employee Overtime Request

DM Approve Mail

Reject Overtime Request By Department Manager:

Department manager Click to Reject Request button then Email Send to the Employee For Reject Overtime Request.

DM Reject Mail

Confirm the Employee Overtime Request by HR Manager :

After the Getting mail the HR manager confirm or reject the Overtime Request.

HR Confirm

Confirmation Mail to Employee :

Clicking the Confirm Button in Overtime Request Form by HR Manager Employee Get the Email For Overtime Request is Confirmed.

 Confirm Mail Employee
Done the Overtime Request :
After confirm the Overtime Request, Hr Manager Fill the Hourly wages field in overtime request form the click to Done button for Complate the Overtime Request Flow.
Done HR
Automatic Add Overtime in Employee Payslip :
When You create a payslip of the employee system will calculate the all overtime request amount which is in done state and fill in the Payslip form.
PayrollEmployee Payslip :
Overtime is  also added in Employee payslip.

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