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Compare Supplier Agreement

During the past two decades, companies have adopted strategies to rationalize and consolidate their supplier base.

It’s very difficult to compare Supplier Agreement when you are dealing with multiple supplier purchase quote for Products.

Also, Multi-sourcing involves the customer entering into separate agreements with different suppliers who will each provide a part of the overall service being outsourced

To make this Process easy here we’re coming with solution when you have Multiple supplier purchase quote.

We’re introducing our New Odoo App.

Compare Supplier Agreement

This Odoo will helps you to generate report with products and different supplier rates in excel sheet. Purchase manager can easily identify price and supplier for relevant products

Features of our Odoo App:-

Generate supplier agreement excel sheet
Rates for different supplier purchase quite for different product in on sheet
Purchase manager can easily identify price and supplier for relevant products
Easy to analysis purchase quote

You can easily  download  our odoo app with below Link.

→ Download

How it Works ?

Create purchase Agreement

Create the purchase agreement with the difference product and confirm it and create the purchase order with the difference supplier


Generate Compare Supplier Agreement

Select the purchase agreement and click the print Excel for generate Compare supplier agreement


Compare Supplier Agreement


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