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August 18, 20180

Cancel sale , Purchase order , invoice , shipment with Odoo App

Want to cancel your sales order , pickup sales , purchase order into Odoo

There are in cases you have to cancel sales orders , Pickup sales , purchase sales but limitation of features you won’t be able to process.

Today, we’re bringing you some good news.

Our this odoo app will help you to cancel sale order, purchase Order, picking, shipment and invoice after done state in will help to reset stock and stock valuation back in odoo system.

Let’s see features of our Odoo app :

  • Allow user to cancel sale order, pickup, purchase order into done state in odoo
  • Added Cancel button option in Picking,Sale, invoice , Purchase order in odoo
  • Once you cancel picking or sale order , relevant stock move will also canceled and it will do reverse to stock quant and manage stock back into odoo system
  • After cancel you can also move to order into set to draft and then user can also delete it in odoo
  • After picking is done and it’s generated accounting entry for stock valuation into accounting then at the time of cancel relevant Journal entries and journal items all will be cancel so account also will be settle in odoo
  • After cancel sale order and picking user can also cancel invoice and set it to draft
  • While cancel the sale/picking it will also manage stock quants according
  • Only allowed user can do cancel process in all document like sale, purchase, picking in odoo

You can easily  download  our odoo app .

→ Download  

How it Works ?


Product Quantity

Test Product have 10 Quantity


Create Sale Order

Create Sale Order with 5 Quantity of Test Product


Deliver Product

Make Done the Delivery Order


Check Product Quantity

After Deliver product Check the Test Product Quantity


Cancel Delivery Order

Now Cancel Delivery Order Using Cancel Button


Make Cancel Delivery Order

By clicking Cancel Button the Delivery Order in Cancel State



Test Product Quantity After Cancel Delivery Order

After Cancel Delivery Order the product Quantity will be reset to 10.


Create Purchase Order

Create purchase order with 3 quantity of Test Product


Receive the Shipment

Receive the full shipment .


Check Test Product Quantity

After Receiving shipment Test Product Quantity is 13.


Cancel Shipment

Now Cancel Shipment suing Using cancel button so the shipment will be move in cancel state.


Check Test Product Quantity After Cancel Shipment

After Cancel Shipment the test product quantity will be reset to 10.


Create Purchase Order

Create purchase order and receive his shipment and create invoice and validate the invoice


Receive the Shipment

After create the purchase order fully receive his shipment.


Create Invoice and Validate

After Receiving the shipment create invoice and validate the invoice.


Stock Journal Entry

After Receiving the shipment the stock Journal Entry Has been created.


Cancel the Purchase Order

Cancel the purchase order so his related shipment, invoice has been canceled and also shipement related stock journal entry also cancel and Deleted automatically.


Cancel Shipment

When Purchase order cancel then purchase order related all the shipment also cancel.


Cancel Invoice

When Purchase order cancel then purchase order related all the invoice also cancel.



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