All in one Cancel Sale,Purchase,Picking
August 18, 20180

Cancel sale , Purchase order , invoice , shipment with Odoo App

Want to cancel your sales order , pickup sales , purchase order into Odoo There are in cases you have to cancel sales orders , Pickup sales , purchase sales but limitation of features you won’t be able to process. Today, we’re bringing you some good news. Our this odoo app will help you to…

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August 17, 20180

Invoice with Cost margin with Odoo app

Cost margin is one of a few measurements that companies use to check their profitability. It is the profit that companies make after they have deducted the cost of goods sold, which is all the costs associated with the company providing services. Cost margin is crucial for checking a company’s production efficiency over the years….

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August 8, 20180

Advance Date Filter & Date Grouping with Odoo Apps

Struggling with Advance Date Filter option and Date Grouping, don’t take stress.! We’re coming with solution for your problem. For helping you Quickly to filter date with different option like yesterday, Today, Last 7 days, Last 30 Days and this Year. Here is our odoo app so you can do Advance Date Filter & Date…

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August 6, 20180

Split Purchase Order in odoo

In Business there are so many times, you need to be able to change purchase orders quickly and efficiently based on changing circumstances. For example, you may want to reevaluate a purchase order in the following situations: • The purchase order quantity is so large that no single vendor can fill the order. • The…

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August 4, 20180

Sale Delivery by Dates with our Odoo App

In Business, There are so may times we are having one sale order with number of products . And the delivery of those products on different dates. Perhaps the most important issue that customers concern about is time. A company’s adherence to delivery dates is an essential factor that decides the success of the company…

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