Automatic create Invoice after delivery order in odoo

Sale Delivery Auto create Invoice in odoo Some business sale work flow, Sometime it’s require create invoice  after finish the delivery order so to come solution Devintlle have create custom module odoo apps which will help to automate the process of creating invoice   Sale Order : Create a Sale Order With product which as…

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Odoo Import Product Image From URL

Import Product Image From URL in odoo In business, There are a number of products into the system . To import a products and other fields it’s very easy by import through the csv default feature but import a product image through csv which is not possible Question : how to import product images in…

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odoo Import Employee Images From URL

Import Employee Images From URL in odoo In odoo , it’s very tedious job to set employee profile image one by one on each employee . For solution,  Devintelle create custom module into odoo call import employee image from url Now hr manager need to set employee image url on employee screen in odoo. and…

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Odoo Top Purchase Dashboard on Excel-Sheet

Top Purchase Dashboard on Excel-Sheet in odoo In Business, Purchase manager should know who are the top supplier and which are the top product to purchase to grow business. Devintelle come with solution custom module which will print top supplier in excel sheet in odoo and also print top purchase product in graph in odoo. Excellent…

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odoo Project Print PDF report

Project Print PDF report in odoo : in odoo, Project manager can check  how many time are spent in this project and it’s related task and also it will used for document purpose. Features : Print Project with Task summary Report Task summary report with –  Planned hours on task, spent hours, Reaming hours, Assigned to which…

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