odoo Import Employee Images From URL

Import Employee Images From URL in odoo In odoo , it’s very tedious job to set employee profile image one by one on each employee . For solution,  Devintelle create custom module into odoo call import employee image from url Now hr manager need to set employee image url on employee screen in odoo. and…

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Odoo Top Purchase Dashboard on Excel-Sheet

Top Purchase Dashboard on Excel-Sheet in odoo In Business, Purchase manager should know who are the top supplier and which are the top product to purchase to grow business. Devintelle come with solution custom module which will print top supplier in excel sheet in odoo and also print top purchase product in graph in odoo. Excellent…

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odoo Project Print PDF report

Project Print PDF report in odoo : in odoo, Project manager can check  how many time are spent in this project and it’s related task and also it will used for document purpose. Features : Print Project with Task summary Report Task summary report with –  Planned hours on task, spent hours, Reaming hours, Assigned to which…

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Sale Accessory Product in odoo

Sale Accessory Product in odoo When you selling some product on sale some time it’s also require to add it’s accessory product as well into same sale order line E.g: if you are selling coputer led screen then customer also ask for cabel , mouse, keyboard and other Accessory product. to add those all product…

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Export Sale Order in Excel in odoo

In Business, Excel is very important toll to analysis a data and structure data with grid and graph view. Devintelle  created custom module in odoo for export sale order into excel sheet. Export sale order with quick way into excel sheet with help of custom module dev_sale_export_sale_order How to export sale order in excel sheet…

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