Export Sale Order in Excel in odoo

In Business, Excel is very important toll to analysis a data and structure data with grid and graph view. Devintelle  created custom module in odoo for export sale order into excel sheet. Export sale order with quick way into excel sheet with help of custom module dev_sale_export_sale_order How to export sale order in excel sheet…

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Batch Invoice Customer/Suppplier In odoo

Features Create Multiple customer/supplier invoice on single click Batch Invoice Create View Customer Invoice – Created Invoices    

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Dynamic export excel in odoo
July 11, 20170

Dynamic Export Excel list and form view in odoo

Dynamic / Global Export Excel Report For all Application Like : Sale, Purchase, Invoice, Picking, Hr, Project, MRP and New Custom Application Grow your business and daily activity to the next level by using Dynamic / Global Export Excel Report for your Sale, Purchase, Invoice, Picking Hr, Project, MRP and New Custom Application. * Language…

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Import product Image From URL through CSV in odoo

In Odoo, it’s very hard to update product image  one by one so solution we have developed new module in odoo which will import mass product image in odoo. To import product images in odoo by CSV , Require two column into csv. Product Code Product Image Url Once csv is done then after you…

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Discount on purchase and Invoice in odoo

In Odoo , There is no way to add discount on whole purchase order, so to solve the problem we have made one customization solution in odoo for purchase to add discount by fixed and percentage way. Fixed Discount on Purchase Order, The Way You Like It By installing this module, you will find a…

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