Employee Own Payslip in odoo

Employee Own Payslip in odoo In Business having number of Employees and its necessary employee can see only their own Payslip and Print it So make thing happen we have made small app in odoo in which Employee can see their own Payslip   Donwload Link: Employee can view own payslip in odoo For Odoo…

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Product Expiry Excel Report and Reminder in odoo

Product Expiry Excel Report & Reminder in odoo With help of the product expiry excel report module, user can set product start date and expiry date  of every product , Product Expiry module will generate expiry product report based on specified days and also send notification mail to product manager with product expiry report in…

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Stock Aging Report in Odoo

Stock Aging Report in odoo Features : Warehouse, Location  and Category wise aging report Stock aging by days : 0-30, 30-60, 60-90, 90-120, 120+ Stock Aging Report By installing the module, you will find the below screen to print stock aging report Stock aging report print by Company, Warehouse, Location, Product Category and Product with…

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Automatic create Invoice after delivery order in odoo

Sale Delivery Auto create Invoice in odoo Some business sale work flow, Sometime it’s require create invoice  after finish the delivery order so to come solution Devintlle have create custom module odoo apps which will help to automate the process of creating invoice   Sale Order : Create a Sale Order With product which as…

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Odoo Import Product Image From URL

Import Product Image From URL in odoo In business, There are a number of products into the system . To import a products and other fields it’s very easy by import through the csv default feature but import a product image through csv which is not possible Question : how to import product images in…

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