Set a task Deadline Reminder with Odoo App

Posted by:DevIntelle Team

Never miss a deadline with task reminders.! Overdue tasks result from mainly three factors— • Scope of work expands • Unforeseen problem arises • Deadline simply gets forgotten While it’s impossible to avoid the first two, Our Odoo App will ensure that you never forget your deadlines.   This Odoo App track employee’s task onetime…

Print Employee Payroll Statement with the use of Odoo App | Apps

Posted by:DevIntelle Team

A payroll is a company’s list of its employees, but the term is commonly used to refer to: the total amount of money that a company pays to its employees. a company’s records of its employees’ salaries and wages, bonuses, and withheld taxes. So, worried about print payroll with all these details , we’re here…

How to set monthly leave limit on employee’s leave request in odoo

Posted by:Devintelle (odoo expert)

A Leave Policy is a set of rules, procedures, and guidelines that govern the process, timeframes and reporting procedures for the time taken off work. Without a leave policy, effectively and legally managing a workforce becomes a minefield fraught with high risk. Monthly leave limit is a part of the leave policy , for organization’s…

Cancel Manufacturing Order

Posted by:DevIntelle Team

In Small OR Giant business, they all have concern about Cancel Manufacturing order / Order cancellation. Let’s First understand “WHAT IS CANCELED ORDER” ? A CANCELED ORDER is previously submitted order to buy or sell but that gets canceled before it executes. It’s easy to cancel the order before it executes but it’s length process…

Sale order triple approval

Posted by:DevIntelle Team

You probably have a sales process for you how you sell your product or service, right? For some businesses the sales order approval workflow is essential. It is used to enforce the business rules of a company to ensure that all sales orders are correct. Some companies require multiple levels of authorization that are built…

Sale Order Multiple Product Selection

Posted by:DevIntelle Team

If you have a sales orders with hundreds of rows than it’s tedious work to do product selection. Generally, users spend lot of time in selecting each product and their variants for sales in Sales order. It’s consume our lots of time and energy. so for solution , we have created odoo app to save…

Employee Document and Expiry Notification

Posted by:DevIntelle Team

All the Details related to an employee is useful for any organization for better Human Resource Management. So , the Employee’s all documents with all necessary information must be saved. As Employee’s all document is useful. So , in this Blog we’re Introducing our newly launched odoo app for your all Employee document related problems….

Invoice stock availability

Posted by:DevIntelle Team

Stock Management is really important task for your business. There are Multiple times , being business owner you create invoice and uncheck “Updated Stock” Let’s Understand with Example : you have 15 iphone in your stock , you have one customer bought 12 iphone and make him a Sales invoice yet your Qty doesn’t updated…

Purchase Award Latter

Posted by:DevIntelle Team

An award letter is the decision notice sent out to all successful supplier(s) once the evaluation decision has been made. it is one which it is important to get right in order to manage the legal risk of a challenge and to avoid unnecessary delay to the award of the contract. The letter will typically…

Invoice double approval workflow

Posted by:DevIntelle Team

Invoice Approvals should be avoided as much as possible in the accounts payable process. The Invoice Approval option allows the Account Manager to request approval of an Invoice, before submitting a payment. This is used primarily for the Account Manager to double check the validity of any Invoice with the particular department/manager that is responsible…

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