Product Stocks By locations & Report

Posted by:DevIntelle Team

Here is our New Odoo Application. Product Stocks By locations & Report This Odoo application will help to show you stock By Location lines in Product Template and Product Screen. You can also Add Location. Print Product Stock By Location PDF will show available qty, Forecast qty, Incoming qty, outgoing qty for each location…

How to Import Job Applications in Odoo

Posted by:Devintelle (odoo expert)

Wanted to Import Job Application in Odoo ? Yes, You can do with our this Odoo app. This application allows you to import Job Applications from the external file(csv or xls) and keeps track of non imported data. There is a separate menu provided, from which you can access details of non imported data App…

Manage Sale Order Delivery Note with Odoo App

Posted by:DevIntelle Team

The sale order delivery note is a document that certifies the delivery of goods to the buyer, who must sign it to make it clear that the goods have been delivered in accordance with the conditions established. The use of this Document is not compulsory but it’s useful , It’s easy to defined related information….

Invoice with Cost margin with Odoo app

Posted by:DevIntelle Team

Cost margin is one of a few measurements that companies use to check their profitability. It is the profit that companies make after they have deducted the cost of goods sold, which is all the costs associated with the company providing services. Cost margin is crucial for checking a company’s production efficiency over the years….

Employee Own Payslip in odoo

Posted by:Devintelle (odoo expert)

Employee Own Payslip in odoo In Business having number of Employees and its necessary employee can see only their own Payslip and Print it So make thing happen we have made small app in odoo in which Employee can see their own Payslip   Donwload Link: Employee can view own payslip in odoo For Odoo…

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