Product Expiry Excel Report and Reminder in odoo

Product Expiry Excel Report & Reminder in odoo

With help of the product expiry excel report module, user can set product start date and expiry date  of every product , Product Expiry module will generate expiry product report based on specified days and also send notification mail to product manager with product expiry report in odoo

Features :

  • All NPT and product Start date and end date in product
  • Generate Excel report for next how many product expiry in how many days
  • Send Mail notification With product Expiry details to product manager odoo

Product Form:

Define NPT No, Start and Expiry Date of the product in the product Form.

Product NPT

Generate Product Expiry Excel Sheet in odoo :

Product Expiry Menu

You will Generate the Product excel sheet:

Wizard Excel

Download Product Expiry Excel Sheet by giving the Number of days like 10,20,30 what you want.

Download Excel

Product Expiry Excel Sheet :

Expire Product Excel


When you click to send mail then Product Manager get Expiry Product mail.



LinkProduct Expiry Excel Report and Reminder in odoo

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