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August 5, 20190

Merge Purchase Orders

When you have many Purchase Orders for the same Vendor than it can be useful to Merge purchase Orders before sending it to the Respective Vendor /Supplier.

So, here we are launching our New Odoo Application for the same.

Merge Purchase Orders

Odoo Merge Purchase Order application helps you to merge two or more Purchase Quotations of the same vendor in a new single Quotation. You can choose to join different Purchase Quotations from the same vendor into a new quotation while choosing to cancel or delete the individual Purchase Quotations

App Features : 

  • Merge two or more Purchase Quotations, as new Purchase Quotation
  • Once new Purchase Quotation is created, previously selected Quotations will be cancelled
  • The admin can also merge two or more quotations into one existing quotation.

You can easily download our odoo app with below Link.

→ Download

How does it work?

Select and Merge Purchase Quotations

Click on Merge

Purchase Quotations Merged

Selected Quotations are Cancelled

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